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Jaqueline Merlot's Profile

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Jaqueline Merlot

Customers rated Jaqueline Merlot 5 out of 5 based on 52 reviews

Let your dreams be your wings
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HouseWarming Party by Flirt Babes

Mar 6th @ 5:47am EST

Hey there,

This is a great opportunity to organize a Flirt Babes party. We will let you take a peak into our new home and I can tell you, it's amazing!

I think you should see it for yourself! Join your favorite Flirt Babes on 7th March at 4 PM EST and see where you will be spending most of your time!

We have fresh spring prizes for you also!

Be Seduced this Valentine's Day

Feb 8th @ 4:30am EST

Hello guys,

This Valentine's day be prepared to be seduced and to enjoy your deepest desires and also have a bit of fun with me. We all know that we're in this contest to win some hearts so let's make a deal. I'll do something nice for you and you can do something nice for me. I think it's fair!

There will be a show every day during this promo and you can also come and visit me or bring me a heart when I am normally online. If you're curious, the shows will be fun and this is when they will happen: 9th February at 1 PM EST, 10th February at 6 AM EST, 11th February at 1 AM EST, 11th February at 8 PM EST, 13th February at 1 PM EST and 14th February at 8 PM EST!

I am sure we'll have so much fun! I'll be waiting!

Halloween Zombieland Party by Flirt Babes

Oct 29th @ 1:43pm EDT

Hello guys,

Halloween.... Don't you just like it so much? You can get to be whoever you want to be and this year, me and the other Flirt Babes are going to make ourselves zombies... sexy ones of course! Or... Maybe we'll just be spooky and scary, you never know with us :)

Join us on 31st October at 4 PM EST to have fun, play games and drink, of course! Many more surprises coming up but I won't tell you until you see it for yourself.

Get yourself comfortable and be brave! The zombie land is here! Kisses!

Topless Soccer World Cup Final with Flirt Babes

Jul 14th @ 7:40am EDT

I am so excited for the World Cup Final and I guess you are, too! I am team Croatia and I am curious to know who are you cheering for!

Well, whatever it is, I hope you will be team Flirt Babes and join us for the topless soccer party tomorrow, Sunday, July 15 at 11 AM EST. We have many things planned for you and we will show you a different kind of game.

So, don't hesitate. Let's cheer together!

Cinco De Mayo individual shows program

May 2nd @ 7:48am EDT

You know me as a girl who's always ready to party and I am ready to show it to you this Cinco de Mayo.

I have shows in the calendar this time and you're all invited!

Here's the program:

Wednesday, 2 May:
9 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot

Thursday, 3 May:
2 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot

Friday, 4 May:
12 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot

Saturday, 5 May:
5 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot

You can come alone and bring a shot. I'll take care of the rest. I even have mini Jaqueline here to spice up the mood!

My Birthday Party

Apr 23rd @ 8:38am EDT

It's my birthday guys!

I am so happy to be able to share it and celebrate it with you! If you come, you will make all of my wishes come true!

So, join me today, 23 April at 11 PM EST and let's wait for my birthday together. I will be the luckiest girl on site if you'll be with me when the clock strikes 12!

Everyone's invited!

Make my day and I'll have few surprises for you, too! It's worth a visit! I'll be ready with games and waiting for you!

Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes

Mar 10th @ 8:19am EST

Hello guys,

I have a pleasure to invite you to my first party in Live Cams Mansion!

The Saint Patrick's Day season is almost here and we are starting it off with a fabulous party. I can't wait to join the other Flirt Babes in giving you the best entertainment yet! So excited!

Join us on Tuesday, 13 March at 4 PM EST to see my debut. I will need all the support I can get. Let's color the day!

March Shows

Mar 2nd @ 8:45am EST

Hello guys,

This is my first contest on the site and I am so excited to show you what I got in my shows. This is what my March will look like:

It starts with my first Live Cams Mansion Party. Yaaaay! The Party will be for Saint Patrick's Day and it will happen on 13 March at 4 PM EST, just before the promo period starts! I am so excited!!!

My shows are the following:

Wednesday, 14 March at 1 PM EST

Thursday, 15 March at 1 PM EST

Friday, 16 March at 3 AM EST

Saturday, 17 March at 3 AM EST

Don't forget, I need to collect shamrocks and I want to get as much as possible. I'd like to make a good first impression! And the best part is, I will have my own mini Jaqueline! And she will do amazing things for you every time you get me a shamrock!

After this diverse program we will have the Ultimate Easter Party by Flirt Babes on 28 March at 4 PM EST. My second party, hope I do good.

After that, the Easter promo period starts and we will have to go egg hunting together!

My shows are the following:

Thursday, 29 March at 12 PM EST

Friday, 30 March at 12 PM EST

Saturday, 31 March at 2 AM EST

Sunday, 1 April at 2 AM EST

Let's collect some eggs and you will be able to see mini Jaqueline in action. I promise it's worth it. So, let's go, I can't wait to get the party started!

New Babe in Live Cams Mansion

Feb 23rd @ 8:42am EST

Hello guys!

My name is Jaqueline Merlot and I am the new babe in Live Cams Mansion. I am so excited!

Come to my room and say hi. I want to get to know each and every one of you. I am really looking forward to showing you what I got!

I have got myself a brand new we-vibe so I am hoping that it can help me with making some new friends, here on the site ;)

I am very outgoing and full of energy. So, don't hesitate and let's have some fun! It will be worth it!

Or if you'd rather spy on me you can do that, too. Enter Live Cams Mansion and choose your favorite camera. You can try them out while you're there :)

I am here for you!


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